I was a Mascot!

2009-10-29 16:31:49 by eugenecapon

Hello kids! I spent this week as the mascot for the Everett Symphony, so introducing "Tunie, the big yellow ticket". That day I was able to cross off two items from my bucket list by becoming a mascot for something positive (I would have settled for being a spokesman for a greedy company by the way) and inspiring kids to take action into music education. 3000 kids to exact. The suite was made by Liz Dodge and Lydia Fasske, I think they did a great job and it held up enough to do its job. I wasn't able to actually see in the suite which just made me laugh, I was happy to have "Music Student Maggie" played by Lydia Fasske to escort me around the stage. I tripped on a speaker during the first show.

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